Inspire A Movement

We are all born with it. With what you may ask? The ability to help those who need it. How can you help? Easy. Start a t-shirt drive for someone you know or an organization that you feel compelled to help. If not T-shirts, then any customized product will work.


Fundraisers with Inkling Design Team are all done by Pre Sales. This allows the fundraiser to be a no pressure event. With most fundraisers you have to preorder the product. Then hope that you sell it all too in fact, actually raise money.

** We don’t mind if you choose to pre-buy all your product, we just like to offer a different way to ensure you raise money**

How It Works

Sell custom apparel or other customized products, without having the worry of, buying too many and having leftovers. You decide what it is you want to sell. Whether a T-shirt, coffee mug, hats, or something in between. We take care of the Inventory and Shipping. A no headaches approach to fundraising. Just pick the product, share your message, then create and share your story.

Steps To Inspire

  • Decide Who To Raise Funds For
  • Design Product
  • Share Your Fundraiser
  • Reach Your Quota

You can design a T-shirt, a banner, a hat, or whatever you think will help raise the most for your fundraiser.


Need Help Or Advice?

If you need help along the way, we will be there to assist. We can help with the design, and we can help with material to advertise your fundraiser.